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I have been intrigued with photography for a good portion of my life, but it wasn't until I got my first camera half-way through college (Go Green) that I started to dabble in it. I'm a self-taught photographer that didn't show anyone (not even my family or close friends) my pictures for years.  

I see the world in a unique way, and my intention is simply to try to capture what I see with whatever I have handy.  This world and life is too amazing, too beautiful, and too inspiring to not appreciate it and share it.  I agree with Chagall, when he said "art picks up where nature ends."

Most often I use my trusty Canon 20D  usually outfitted with a 50mm prime lens.   I still take pictures with my good ol' point and shoot Canon Powershot D10 that's home is permanently in my purse (it's waterproof, drop proof and hannah proof). And for the moments that sneak up on me, I use my handy iPhone6.




 When I'm not documenting the way I see the world you'll find me have a grand time with my wife and 2 boys. Or enjoying life with our large family or delightful friends. Or running my own consulting company that offers services to small businesses and non-profits in event production, marketing & productivity. Or I'm coaching a nationally-ranked high school girls soccer team, or I'm managing home care agency in one of boulders top retirement communities.  

I love burying my nose in a great book, bike riding, cooking, listening to tunes or my latest favorite podcast, watching and playing a plethora of sports -- especially anything to do with the beautiful game (soccer) or my beloved Denver Broncos, CU Buffs or MSU Spartans.  There is also a good chance you will catch me waxing poetically about pursuing life with passion and excellence, or about how precious of a gift that each day is that we get to keep breathing, or how we are learning to love those around us in the best way we know how and we can always be better, or I'm talking about the ways I'm trying to fumble through life responding to and redirecting the love that the star-breathing God of the universe miraculously shows me.

Whatever I’m doing, you’ll certainly find me grateful, full of love, and struck by awe. And as Rob Bell says “We’ll lie down and stare up at the vast blue sky above us and watch the clouds go by and listen to the breeze as it moves the leaves over-head. I’ll be there on my back and say a short prayer: ‘God, I can’t believe I get to live this life’.”